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Important question for business leaders who STILL aren't leveraging the power of LinkedIn:

If there was a predictable, step-by-step guide on

demonstrating a personal brand and growing a strategic network by leveraging LinkedIn

Without the confusion, overwhelm, or crippling "what do I do next" questions...

Would you feel confident making LinkedIn a priority for your business?

Every day, THOUSANDS of people search LinkedIn for their next coach, consultant, customer, or employee with the hopes of having their biggest problems solved.

The question is:

Are they noticing you?

What’s your brand worth?

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You joined LinkedIn years ago, full of excitement and this-platform-is-going-to-change-my-business optimism.

You copy and pasted your resume to the experience section and decided that was looking pretty good.

You posted a photo and started to accept invitations to connect.

You waited for the leads and opportunities to roll in...

Only they never really did.

So now you rarely go on the number one social platform for business leaders because you are convinced it simply doesn't work. Not for you anyway.

Because not only are you not generating anything from LinkedIn, you aren't even confident enough about your profile to share it.

As a business leader with a ton of skills, abilities, and experience, you SHOULD stand out on LinkedIn.

With the amount of time, effort, and commitment you've put into your career, you should generate more attention on LinkedIn. You should regularly be getting new connections, clients, or new career opportunities.

You deserve to stand out in the crowded LinkedIn field, simply because you know what you know. You've got the stats, skills, and testimonials to back you up.

Make A Better First Impression

The problem with any social platform is understanding what to spend your time on to get the best results.

What should you focus on?

Who should you connect with?

Who should you get referrals from? And what’s the best way?

What is the best type of rich media to add to your profile?

What skills are valuable to demonstrate? 

What you need is…  

The confidence to engage in an up-to-date LinkedIn strategy that gives you a guide to optimizing your profile while building a strategic network. The kind of confidence that allows you to generate referrals and new opportunities - so you can see the kind of results you’ve only heard about.

Until now.

Creating a LinkedIn personal brand is more important than ever

If you've made it this far, you know that LinkedIn is the perfect social platform for business leaders like you. You also know you've got to demonstrate your unique skills and abilities in order to be successful.

But how can you figure out how to optimize your brand on LinkedIn without spending hours and hours reading articles, trying to piece together a strategy?  

Learn from an expert who’s in the LinkedIn trenches every day

If only someone could tell you exactly how to:

  • Create a solid foundation to start profiting from the networking that goes on inside the LinkedIn platform
  • Enjoy a boost in new opportunities when people start finding you, knowing you can help them
  • Attract the people who are more likely to want to do business with you
  • Build brand awareness
  • Stay on top of the many algorithm changes that go on in any social platform
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile so you stand out

Yes, these outcomes are completely within your reach for you and your business.

But they do require a solid, step-by-step approach.

One that requires the most up to date information on LinkedIn - because you don't have time for out-of-date information that will hurt your profile.

One that guides you into creating an optimized profile which is authentically you.

One that shows you exactly how to leverage your personal and corporate branding and strategic network.


One you that will help you generate new leads and networking opportunities.

Introducing LinkedIn Personal Best

The most efficient way for professionals like you to leverage LinkedIn to grow your business and connections.

LinkedIn Personal Best is a monthly membership group that’s going to train you on optimizing your LinkedIn profile, network, and content while helping you stay on top of all the latest changes and trends in the social platform.

Learn how to master your professional image to attract clients and candidates. From your headline to the content you share, everything you do will help you portray a great first impression.  Learn how to translate that upgraded online impression into new business and career opportunities.

You don't need a quick fix; you need current, up to date training on the platform your potential leads go to when they want to work with someone like you.

Choose LinkedIn Personal Best when...

You want to portray the authentic you

You're stumped about how to gain traction on LinkedIn

Your ideal customers and clients are hanging out on the social platform for business leaders

Your profile isn't standing out

Your LinkedIn network isn’t strategic and helpful for you

You want the most up to date information on the always changing platform

It feels like a few changes can help you gain the attention you want from the people you want it from

Your branding isn't authentic to your personal and corporate ideology

Your efforts to stand out are falling flat

You've seen how hard it is to stand out in a crowded LinkedIn sea. Your efforts aren't helping you reach your goals but you have no idea where to start.

Getting step-by-step help that's not outdated has been all but impossible. Until now.

For a low monthly fee, you will create a LinkedIn presence that’s going to help you gain traction. Our membership site will provide up-to-date information, social selling strategies, content ideas, and tips so you never wonder what to say and do on LinkedIn.

Courses Included with Purchase

LinkedIn Strategic Profile

Here's where you will learn how to add some major horsepower to your LinkedIn machine. Learn exactly what you need to include in your LinkedIn profile in order to attract prospective clients, customers, and connections. Optimize your profile so you are easily found by LinkedIn and Google searches, set the language that’s authentic and appeals to your targeted profile viewers, and learn the best practices that will get your profile noticed.

This course gives you a strategic guide that's going to get you noticed on LinkedIn.

Your strategic profile course includes:

  • How to best position your personal brand using LinkedIn
  • How to select the most strategic language and keywords
  • How to enhance the overall appearance of your profile
  • How to make your profile more visible and findable via search
  • What makes a great headshot
  • How and where to add your logos
  • Adding rich media to your profile
  • Adding a background banner
  • How to write a strategic headline
  • Incorporating special sections such as publications, languages, patents, projects, volunteering, and organizations
  • Display, manage, and prioritize your skills, endorsements, and recommendations and much more...

LinkedIn Networking and Community

Your network can create new opportunities for you - as long as you know how to leverage it. The LinkedIn Community and Network course will show you how to create and grow a strategic LinkedIn network which will support your career and business over many years. Use referrals to get hired for new business and career opportunities; Sandra’s closely guarded magic referral questions will allow you to connect and get referrals from the leaders in your industry.

In the LinkedIn Networking and Community course, learn:

  • How to create the most strategic LinkedIn network
  • How to to connect (and un-connect)
  • About first, second, and third level connections
  • How to send the best invitations to connect
  • How to leverage LinkedIn messaging
  • How to search for the right people and companies
  • How to find and network with alumni
  • About LinkedIn etiquette and much more…

LinkedIn Content Basics

Creating and sharing content is one of the best ways to get noticed on social media - and LinkedIn is no different. Master LinkedIn Content Basics and watch your feed explode from people interested in reading what you have to say.

LinkedIn content is exploding in popularity. Find out about LinkedIn posts, published articles and native video. Stay top of mind with your LinkedIn network with the use of LinkedIn content.

LinkedIn Content Basics will show you:

  • The basics of LinkedIn content: posts; article publishing; and native video
  • How to post effectively using hashtags and mentions
  • How to create content
  • How to share content from others
  • How to figure out content analytics
  • How to find trending content
  • How to manage your home feed

Social Selling - Monthly Webinar & Office Hour

Ever wonder how to attract, find, and engage with prospects using LinkedIn? Be ready to learn new sales strategies and the most up to date LinkedIn tactics.

The Social Selling Monthly Webinar includes:

  • New sales strategies, tactics, and case studies using LinkedIn
  • New sales focused theme each month
  • Insights about LinkedIn changes
  • Q & A opportunity
  • Up to 12 months saved recordings

Get started now!

Raise Your Online Presence to the level where it should be

Here's why you want to join LinkedIn Personal Best:

  • We will show you exactly how to optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • We will show you how to reflect your personal and organization brand voice in everything you do
  • We will share unique and proven sales methods and tactics for LinkedIn
  • Our experience is honed by years of working and teaching people how to use the platform to create new relationships and opportunities
  • The training and program is kept up to date for you; as soon as changes happen, there will be updates in the membership site to show you how to re-optimize your profile or re-configure your LinkedIn networking process.
  • We specialize in LinkedIn so all our efforts go into helping you master this one platform
  • We give you a guide to follow, so you can easily optimize your profile without the guesswork

Every lesson in LinkedIn Personal Best has been tested and re-tested by our experts. That means you aren't guessing or hoping what you are doing is working. Because in order to project a professional image, you've got to be consistent with your content and branding.

This guarantees your image is always portraying your personal and corporate mission and vision.

Ideal for business leaders, LinkedIn Personal Best is going to help you use social to optimize your opportunities.

It's time to switch...

Switch from guessing what content to share. Switch from guessing who to connect with. And switch from guessing how to use LinkedIn to grow your business. Learn the best practices that will save you time and get you the best possible results.

Your Instructor

Sandra Long
Sandra Long

Meet Sandra Long

Sandra is the author of LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide, which is a comprehensive view of personal branding using LinkedIn’s profile, content sharing, and thought leadership capabilities.

An early adopter of LinkedIn, Sandra Long is passionate about helping business leaders use the powerful platform to their own benefit. She is an in-demand speaker, consultant, entrepreneur, and trainer who works with corporations, universities, and individuals, showing them how to fully leverage LinkedIn for business and career.

Sandra's LinkedIn Profile

Ready to leverage the number one platform business leaders use to grow their business?

The problem with using a platform like LinkedIn is that the algorithm is always changing. So once you sort of figure out how to use it, they change the algorithm and your engagement goes down...again. Unfortunately, you won't know there's a big change happening until a post that used to get great engagement now gets a couple of likes from your co-workers.

But you can't ignore the benefits of LinkedIn. With more than 560 million users, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to network, build connections, and promote your business.

Instead, LinkedIn Personal Best is going to take the guesswork out of using the platform that more than 50% of B2B buyers say they use when making purchasing decisions.

It's going to help you authentically build connections with the people you want to work with and for.

And it's going to show you exactly how to optimize your content. Step-by-step. Guided. Easy.

"Sandra's obviously has been using LinkedIn and keeping up with their many changes. It was refreshing to be able to discuss real examples of the features within the LinkedIn system. As stated during the session, I could easily work for hours on the LinkedIn features, following the tips and tricks that Sandra provided!!"

- Vince B.

"Sandra Long is very knowledgeable and passionate about social media and how it can help you obtain your goals. She is very thorough and willing to help and coach you through questions or problems. I would recommend their LinkedIn course if you are just getting started with LinkedIn or need some help in specific area."

- Jeff P.

Our Personal Best Guarantee

We are so positive that LinkedIn Personal Best is going to help you increase your visibility and network, we are giving you a no-questions asked 30 day money back refund.

Take up to 30 days to go over the modules, watch the videos, and check over the checklists, templates, and quizzes in LinkedIn Personal Best. If you don't agree that it's going to revolutionize how you project yourself and your company on LinkedIn, we will refund you the first month’s payment.

Simply email us at sandra@postroadconsulting.com within the first 30 days of your membership and we will refund you the money you invested in growing your business.

Because we want you to be as satisfied as all our other clients are.

Why are we so confident in doing this?

1) It's a proven recipe for LinkedIn success

2) With the templates, checklists, and examples, we are confident you will find the success you are looking for

3) We will stay on top of the changing algorithms so you you always know how to use the social platform to gain the leads, sales, or community you are looking for


Still Undecided?

You're ready to achieve champagne clinking wins inside LinkedIn Personal Best if...

You are just getting started with LinkedIn and want to make sure you nail it! You don't want to waste your time on the things that don't matter.

You've been trying to optimize your LinkedIn profile, but it's just not working for you. Your network is filled with people who aren't inside your ideal industries or job roles and you have no idea what kind of content to share.

You need actionable tips to implement because you've got the skills and experience but you have no idea how to show them off.

You understand that personal and corporate branding is important but you don't quite know how to best display it.

You fundamentally believe your business can grow with a solid social strategy.

You understand that LinkedIn is a social platform, and you've got to be interactive in order to be successful.

In fact, you have no problem with investing time each week, as long as it's strategically spent doing things that get you results in the end.

You care about what's going to work in the future as much as you care about what's going to work today; you are in it for the long haul and aren't interested in a quick fix strategy that's not going to work next month.

You're aware of the profitable doors that will open up once you optimize your profile, build your network and start sharing content.

You are excited to see some LinkedIn wins stack up. Even if you've been trying to master LinkedIn for a while without success, you still feel that sense of renewed optimism, knowing that there's someone who is going to have your back when it comes to LinkedIn best practices.

You feel confident grabbing your access details, knowing you have 30 days to try it out. You are faced with two options: you try it out, do the work, and love the program or you send us an email if it's not the right program for you. Easy peasy.

Did you catch yourself nodding your head?

By now you know the difference between the people who succeed on LinkedIn and those who don't is...

A content, networking, and profile strategy.

If you are a business leader, employee, or job seeker, you need LinkedIn Personal Best.

If you are ready to increase your online visibility, you need LinkedIn Personal Best.

If you know your business could see better results with increased online visibility, you need LinkedIn Personal Best.


If you've got your sights set on sustainable, long term growth (and all the benefits that come with it), you need LinkedIn Personal Best.

If you are ready to invest $__/month, we look forward to meeting you inside the membership group for the most rewarding and impactful time you can spend on growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
Does it matter where I start with the courses in this bundle?
For most people, we recommend starting by completing the Strategic Profile course first. Next, work on the Networking and Community. Those two programs create the foundation for your success.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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